Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

Bottoms of my feet


Hi, I got GBS in Sept 2014 and I have been left with numbed feet which I take Lyrica and Tramadol for the pains and discomfort.
My feet swell up , are burning and I take a water tablet daily. I have made good progress but the feet are only 50% of what they used to be prior to the GBS in 2014.

You seem to have done very well too!


Hi Eddie

Yes I’ve really come along well thanks. Yesterday because we were going out I wore sandals with no problem, so for the time being I’ll just save them "for good"
The feeling in my toes has returned but the rest of my foot is still weird. It usually feels like it’s wrapped up in a lot of bandages. The tingling in my hands is 99.99999% gone and only a wee bit returns when I’m tired.
I take Gabapentin for my feet but no water pills. :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,

Comfort first by all means! I’m sure after the first “outing” in your shorts, and seeing that nobody gives you a second glance, will send all self conscienceness flying away. We do tend to look at ourselves as we “think” others see us and quite often we find out to our great relief we get it wrong.

Good luck with the socks shopping. I was looking for the opposite type of socks that you want on the Internet and came across a lots of knee socks in the sports socks sections. :smiley:


Hi Meta
I have the same as you re my feet but I am only 21 months into my recovery from GBS, how are you now has there been progress?


Hi Eddie,

There is still progress, yes. Slow with extended plateaus but progress is always good. During hot and humid weather I still have feet swelling issues and burning as you mentioned, also numbness. I use ice packs on bad days and do get some relief from that. My feet are very painful in the mornings and difficult to weight bare on… certainly better than before but still I haven’t had a pain free day since it all began.
It is all slowly getting better and that leaves me optimistic… hmmm… not always patient but still optimistic.
What other residual issues are you dealing with?


Hi Meta
Good to hear that you are making slow progress. You have to be patient although it can get you down some days I bet.

I take Furosemide for my swollen feet and that is a water tablet which is helpful to control the swelling.

Yes walking is difficult with the numbness and I take Lyrica as well as Tramadol which all heps to get me through the day Meta.
Keep your spirits up , you have come this far now so well done and I will keep you in mind ok Meta


I am two years in recovery. I just started walking my second year. At first my feet were so sensitive I could let anything touch them. It is so much better. I still have days that my feet feel like they are sunburned on the bottoms. Hang in there. Our experiences are similar yet different. Physical therapy has been the key for me.


Hi…same on my feet for three years now…very irritating…as it is triggered any time…


My feet are very similar. Pain when walking burning when sitting or laying down. Pain never stops and it’s been 5 yrs. I try to wear very cushiony running shoes. Hoka’s great for softness, but quite high so with crappy balance falling was an issue. I always wear shoes with as many insoles as I can fit into them for more cushion. Feet are very sensitive to cold floors. And today it’s -20 C here and I can’t get my feet warm. Even though I’m inside. Really sucks