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CIDP - Need Advice With TENS (Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

Haven’t been on here for a while but need some help. I have had CIDP since 1994 as a result of the pneumonia/NJ flu vaccine. I have been most fortunate in that most of the serious symptoms disappeared and I have been able to cope with what I have.
I have developed back and hip pain and was recommended to a physical therapist with a very fine reputation. Went yesterday and it didn’t take for him to find the problem which is a muscle. He worked on it for some time and then gave me a TENS
(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation} treatment for 15 minutes - it was not too strong. In any event, I awakened this morning and felt more tingling than I have in a very long time. My back/hip feel somewhat better already.
So - here is my question - should I not have any more TENS? I am very concerned about awakening nerves that have been fairly dormant for years.
Thanks so very much.

Hi. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I guess I am a little confused as to where you are feeling more tingling and or nerve irritation. I should tell you that I am physical therapist (over 20 years) and that TENS is not specifically contraindicated for peripheral neuropathy. It is contraindicated in an area if you have sensory dysfunction and cannot tell if the pain is getting worse. If you have increased tingling in your back/hip/buttocks it may not be from the TENs but a symptom of the muscle/tissue dysfunction, treatment (manual therapy) or exercise. I would definitely discuss with your PT and let them know what you are feeling. CIDP is not specifically taught in school and they may need to do some extra research. Also, TENS is used to block pain, but does not heal or fix the underlying issue. You may want to skip this part of the treatment if it is aggravating to the area. Good luck and I hope you continue on your healing journey.

Thanks so much for your reply. I have another appointment Wednesday and will address the situation with him. It was the morning after the TENS that I feel much stronger tingling and was concerned that it could be aggravating the CIDP issue.

I sent a copy of the above to my pt’s office and received a response in return. In part he said “What we used is also not a TENS system but an Interferential current which is a little different”. I went again this morning and it was determined NOT to use this system for my therapy - thanks to YOU

So I have discovered that the TENS I thought I got was Interferential current which supposedly is different. My tingling and pins and needles are so much more pronounced than its been in the past 25 years - I know I cannot undo what has been done but perhaps it will save someone else the problem that I now have. I always said that if my symptoms never got any worse than they were, that I would be so happy. Not any more…