Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

Does smoking marijuana effect CIDP?


I’ve been on it for 4 years now in Maine. I feel it changes the way you perceive the pain, making it more bearable. Edible MJ seems to help more, I eat brownies bought at the dispensary…


It is definitely a better option than pain pills! It makes such a difference in my pain level. Would he nice to have edibles though. I trust my source or I wouldn’t be doing it. It is becoming legal in so many states as it should be for pain control. It took the pain from an 8 to a 3! Now that is a relief! Best of luck!


I think Canada is in the process of legalizing it, but I am not familiar with the details.


No…smoking…vaping etc…of marijuana has exactly the same effect as morphine etc…it only blankets the pain…stop smoking and it comes back…my feelings anyway…others have different views…because they smoke marijuana…


ONLY blankets the pain? You say that like it’s a bad thing.


Not neccessarily a bad thing…but same as all medications…blankets the pain and does not take it away …also with side effects i.e the munchies etc.
Marijuana has a calming effect on some and a complete turn around in others .
Just another drug that you get hooked on . But i guess everyone has a different view…especially if you have used drugs before and like the highs.
Me…i prefer my life uncomplicated complicated living with CIDP…
Many best wishes friends


I have tried MJ both medical and street types and found absolutely no help for the pain. I was diagnosed with CIDP two years ago and the pain is horrendous, I will wake crying from the pain. I have found a couple of neurologist that are familiar with CIDP and have been in a program from Shands hospital in Gainsville Florida, it is a debilitating disease. My blessings to all of you and keep a positive attitude.