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Eye sight impaired by GBS?


Hi everybody, Its a long time since I’ve been here and things have been going pretty well. I still go to rehap training. Since the end of Nov 2018 I’ve had trouble with focusing and seeing double. The eye specialist says it’s the muscles in my left eye that are letting me down.
He firmly believes it’s a left over from GBS. has anybody else had this? If so please tell all about it. I’m hoping it will go away. The doctor couldn’t say. Mary Denmark.


I’ve found that my eye muscles get tired easily and if I read much or use the computer a lot I end up with blurry vision or seeing double. It eventually goes away as I rest my eyes. I just had cataract surgery on my right eye two weeks ago and the intraocular lens, which doesn’t require muscles to focus,doesn’t have these issues. That leads me to believe it is a muscle issue. I don’t need the surgery on my left eye yet but my insurance approved it so I’m thinking about getting the procedure on the left to permanently cure the issue.


Good morning Mark,
We’re just getting our first snowfall and it’s beautiful although it’s still dark outside.
Thank you for your reply. I’ve had what you described but it finally went away…for good I thought until this 24/7 problem appeared. I had my cataracts done 8 years ago. I’m getting used to this problem now although I find I can’t zoom into what I’m looking for in the supermarket so quickly. Our bodies learn to compensate don’t they. I’m still hoping that it will go away. Mary


I have macular degeneration and was diagnosed at 45, very young…but recently I have had pain in my eyes and electric shocks in my head and ears…it’s trigeminal neuralgia and I’ve been dealing with it for weeks…any help would be so appreciated