Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT


Hi. New to this group. Thank you for sharing your struggles and successes. I am wondering why my insomnia is so bad the couple days after IVIg. My body is very tired and not well but won’t rest. Any thoughts? I am on plenty of meds for sleep so it doesn’t seem to make sense. Fortunately no more headaches, not many anyway, after first few months of IVIg. :). But this insomnia!

I experience similar! It feels almost like a constant, low adrenaline rush? I usually do a dissolvable melatonin or benadryl that week so I can sleep.

Take benadryl before going if ok from your doctor. Drink lots of water during ivig, I had no headache. But 2 nights before I couldn't sleep,but I watch tv and its on most of the night. Hydration is important, I am so glad the nurse inserting my ivig told me, it helps no headache.

Mine was not any worse after IVIG, but it was just laying there reviewing every mistake I've made. I hate pills, but my wife ganged up on me and told my Neurologist I had to go on Ambien or else. It takes about 45 minutes for it to kick in.