Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

Itching issues


Has anyone else had a problem with itching? My ongoing nerve issues are on my left side and for the last month or more my left arm has been itching. Not claw your skin off itching but just a mild irritation where you find yourself scratching absent minded.


Yes I do have itching skin!! I even told my neurologist but he didn’t know anything about it! he said it maybe the side effect of prednisone! but I told him I had this problem before doctors diagnose my illness! I will be thankful if you share any solution for this problem witch bothers specially at night.


Aloha Mark - Yes I’m 3 years out since coming down with GBS and still have itching problems. Mainly to my arms and back. Nothing troublesome.


Hi. I have also had trouble with severely itching skin. My neurologist referred me to a kidney specialist. Apparently, the itching was due to a decreased kidney function, from too much protein related to the IVIg treatment. The neurologist stopped the IVIg. I haven’t been bothered with the itching since. Hope this helps.


I have bouts of itching. The explanation from my diagnostic doctor was thinking like an electrical chord and current being interrupted b/c of the nicks or cuts shorting out the current. If nerves are having issues it stands to reason the itching is the interrupted signals like an electrical cord shorting it sizzles and sparks; mine is worse in humid conditions or if I get too warm. Moisture would cause electrical currents to be stronger as moisture can conduct shocks. The other factor is if some nerves are dying then the few that do conduct would conduct more magnifies to make up for the loss. I use ice packs and do not wear sleeves on arms also wear layers of clothing so I can remove if itching starts or put back if no bother. I also use gabapentin topical cream (prescribed by MD to reduce immflamation) and have gotten magnesium lotion for the itching and pain. Yep clawing in sleep and wake up bleeding arms like a cat fight. LOL


Bouts of itching is being mild. My scalp during the GBS and after is nothing short of feeling like an army of ants is on my head. And then there is the leg itch and thigh itch and in the groin. Switched all soaps and detergents to non-perfumed, etc. and use some of those creams and ointments for dry and cracked skin. It is quite a lube job. I do get some good relief with those.