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Newbie Needs Opinions About Shingrix (new shingles vaccine)


Having CIDP since 1994, I had the first Shingles shot about 10 years ago and now I am faced with the decision about the new Shingrix newer shot. Since I do not take any flu/pneumonia injections, I am now concerned about this second wave. Shingles is a horror so I certainly want to be protected. I need some opinions please!


In general it seems to be the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended the recombinant zoster vaccine (RZV) for use in immunocompetent adults aged ≥50 years. Here are a few links to CDC detailed info about it:


My husband’s neurologist has absolutely vetoed the shingles vaccine due to his CIDP. There is a considerable risk in choosing to take it with CIDP.


I thank you for your reply. Believe it or not, I do not presently have a neurologist as fortunately my CIDP has not changed and I always say if it never gets any worse, I am very grateful. I will check with my internist and he in turn (hopefully) will seek an opinion from a neurologist. I NEVER take any flu or pneumonia vaccines but I thought that the Shingles was a safe one.


FYI, my neurologist told me to stay away from all vaccines.


Shingles is what might have started my CIDP due to the fact I had it three months prior, in my opinion, I would stay away from the Vaccine altogether, not worth the risk and maybe start taking helpful supplaments instead.


Do not get any live vaccines. I get the flu and pnuemonia shots. My neurologist said no live vaccines.


I would not even get the shingles shot for my mom that was in a nursing home. You can get them anyhow. Why get the shot.


Shingles is a live vaccine.