Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

Over the counter relief?


Loni Hart said:

Not tired however I am a big beleiver in glutathione.

Perhap a less pricier and high delivery rate would be Troy's DIY on YouTube via NaturalHerbalFarmacy.


I've had CIDP and Lupus for over 10 years and I take Quinine for cramping pain which is no longer available in the US, but my Neurologist writes a scrip and I have it filled by a Canadian Pharmacy. It doesn't have any side effects in small doses.



Walk more. I'm not being factious. Many times I've walked right over my pains simply by walking more more... sometimes up to five miles (on grass) or 60 minutes of intense lap swimming.

RE: cinnamon, ginger and honey... this actually makes me mad... $@#$*$&! The problems associated with CIDP are at the T-cell & B-cell levels, which are derived from our bone marrow and programed in the thymus. This is miles and miles away from the digestive tract!


Please be careful with fish oil. Alternatively parent oils (cold pressed without solvent) Flax seed and Pumkin Seed Oils are hign an magensium and espon salt baths have helped me.

Perhaps ask your neuro. for a sample of Lyrica ( Neurontin did not help me as much)


With CIDP… Is it okay to take Glutathione?
Is in it that CIDP cause is that the Immune System is abnormally attact the nervs. Glutathione improves the immune system so those it mean it strengthen it to damage the nerves