Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

Shortness of breath


I live in Punta Gorda FL and we have Ponce De Leon park right in our city. Maybe i’ll go take a swim there! I am newly diagnosed after 9 months of having symptoms. My neuro asked me if I was SOB but I didn’t think I was until I tried to walk the dog and the same time as inhaling my medical marijuana vape pen. I could not do it! I just had my first IVIG treatment. 4 days in a row. What kind of frequency do people out there have for IVIG treatments? Is it anything regular or only with relapse? My Neuro said lets wait and see how I respond to this first treatment.


Hi…same blurry vision…tiredness that makes my eyes feel weighed down by a ton of bricks…i am going to try what they call warrigal green in Australia or New Zealand spinach . Apparently restores eyesight and illeviates some pain…It’s off to the bush i go to find this ellusive plant…