Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

So over it already


ok for me anyway it has got better. I had a mild form of gbs and it for me was the most sick I ever been. I spend six day in hospital, never totally paralyzed { thank you god}. yes three weeks pt. the hardest part for me is the fatigue, I have always been so very active. my hole life has changed due to illnesses. my gbs started we believe from a tick bit, erliclyiouses, couple weeks after the tick infection bam surprise yep gbs. now I also fight on going lyemes nasty stuff just will not leave my system. and r.a. witch I knew I had before gbs, I have found an herb call tumric and it has been a blessing. I also take vit b complex, and lyrica. I also no longer eat red meats. and let me tell you this has been a very hard thing cause I love a rare steak. I am almost 4 yrs. post gbs, i still have little pings and neuropathy pain but nothing real severe. I do have fears of repeat, of gbs, but I think we all do. it has been a slow sometimes painfull recovery, and believe me I wanted to be well quickly. it is a long drawn out syndrome. I have been mad , depressed, just plain done with it all and I am sure I will have many more emotions to over come. and yes the why mes. but now every morning I wake up and think hey I can walk , talk. sometimes run, I have a great supportive family, I have a couple great drs. that have been of great help to me physically and mentally. I am shoting for100 per cent mark, and hope and pray I get there. my other saying I live by is a moving body is a happy body. hey enough from me. get your rest, and listen to your body it will speak to you, there is hope, I hope all have a very healing day, week, month, ect, ect, ect.


Hey kel there is a lot of wisdom in this post. I like “A moving body is a happy body.” It is incredible how resilient we really are when we put our mind to it, isn’t it? Thinking of you, and hoping you get to that 100% mark soon.



Love this too, “A moving body is a happy body.” Moving was the best thing for me although it was tough. And I had to accept not being able to move very much for awhile until I could slowly work my way back. I am so thankful to have recovered so much after 2 & 1/2 years. It’s amazing how much the body can recover from this with time and persistence. I can still feel the effects from this but I am living my life again, running and working out. The big thing is not to get too discouraged and focus on the positive, no matter how small the accomplishment.


Thank you much for the reply just wanted everyone to know there is a light in the tunnel of gbs every small accomplishment is a mile stone we have all been there some not as sever. This site has been a god sent to me I have learned so very much. Thinking positive thoughts for you and all who follow this. May we forever continue to improve


Thank you for reply. I was never completely paralyzed but still unable to get around very well. Walked with walker for awhile then a cane balance issues. I was hospitalized for six days Givin two rounds of get well juice, ivig. My right side has been effected more, I still have some of the numbness and tingling hurt mostly at night I as well exercise, stretching is my favorite fell good exercise, I do walk alot . Running is not a good thing as for my joints, have other issues there . Hope life is good keep up the hard work. Believe me it is a day day struggle with this syndrome we that have been there know full well… of the see my dr. Today for the lyme issues. She is a great dr. Very wise late hugs to you and all