Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

Tight band around ribcage


The first time I had this symptom I was having an IVIG treatment and was sent to emergency for all the chest pain tests, which came back normal. I was feeling strong pressure in my chest, neck and face. This recurred but I didn’t worry since the heart tests were ok. Lately (3 months later) it has become worse, with many episodes of chest tightness throughout the day making it very uncomfortable. I have also had the feeling of a band around my neck choking me . The neurologist sent me for more cardiology testing -all normal- and a spinal MRI . I am waiting for the results to see if there is any demyelination . I suspected it was a CIDP symptom and it seems to be confirmed by all your experiences of it above. At first I thought it was a side effect of the IVIG. I am taking Pristiq, Lyrica, Plaquenil and prednisolone and have IVIG 4-weekly.


I had GBS with Miller Fisher Variant. Now diagnosed with CIDP. I have the MS hug frequently usually at night when I am tired. I was taking gabapentin but it caused short term memory problems. I am lucky because I have a great compassionate Neuro who really listens. He feels it is a symptom of CIPD but does order a brain scan annually to watch for MS.


I saw my neurologist three months ago about the same issue, I also had stopped the IVIG a year ago and this came up eight months after but also had tighter calf’s and thighs. I felt like the tin man after a rainy day. He started me on Prednisone 20mg daily for a week the 5mg daily that I’m still on. No pryas long as im on it. Hope that helps.