Living with Polyneuropathy CIDP, GBS, & CMT

Trigger Finger with CIDP

Has anyone with CIDP had problems with trigger finger and fingers curling with difficulty straightening on non-dominant hand? I have been referred to a hand surgeon.

Thank you!


YES! Mine is on both hands, but my dominant one is very bad. I have asked if there is a correlation between CIDP and trigger finger and have been told no. I have spoken to other people with CIDP that experience it also. I have been to a hand surgeon for both of my thumbs. He gave me a cortisone shot each time. It helped tremendously in less than a week. It wasn’t a permanent fix. I am going to go see him again very soon. Please let me know what you find out. In the mean time, I wear a brace that hold my thumb straight. It saves me a lot of pain and curling.

Yes I have the same thing on my dominant hand. I’ve been told that it has nothing to do with CIDP. So I just deal…
Some days it’s very uncomfortable. Other I don’t think about it.

Thank you! My dominant hand has some curling, but I can manually straighten them on that hand. I’ll let you know what I find out when I see the hand surgeon.

Yes, my finger hasn’t straighten out in years. My Mom had the surgery and told me it was hereditary.

I have it in both hands. I was told it’s tendinitis.
My cousin had it and she had surgery to correct it on both hands. I’m just dealing with it now and have been for about three years. I have CIDP, and maybe CMT. I’ve had IVIG, but it didn’t seem to help at all. I had three treatments over three months.
That was for CIDP, not for tendinitis.

After a diag of GBS I couldn’t straighten my fingers for 18 months - the hand dr said ‘no extrinsic extensors’ - and trigger finger in my thumbs. The cortisone shot worked wonders for the trigger finger.

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yeah mate I have non voluntary movements in both trigger fingers always at the worst moments when I’m trying to paint a fine straight line and my fingers make the brush go all wonky. gives me the@#$$

Just got back from my doctor’s appt. They gave me two cortisone shots and I go back in two weeks. Both hands are affected.

Thank you for your replies.


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Yes - but not trigger finger. I can’t close the middle finger on my non-dominant hand and I can’t close the ring finger on dominant hand. Neuro says its related to the neuropathy. Cortisone did not help. Had appt w hand surgeon but was cancelled due to covid. Will be ointeresting to see if neuro and ortho agree.

Yes min right hand was like a claw came back about 90 percent. Minor deficit in my index finger and Alner and median nerve Going up the for arm. I went to hand management Therapy they provided me with light exercise and ways to strengthen. I hope this helps good luck managing with CIDP.

Yes, I have this problem for many years now, plus loosing muscles plus my eyes popping out dangerously and the socket need operation, I have loose all the veins through the Immunoglobulin and I have porta cath. I move about the house with a hoist.

The cortisone shot didn’t work, so hand surgery is the next step. Hopefully that will work.

Sorry about that. If it’s the trigger finger release, it’s a very straight forward procedure with a short recovery. The worst part is the bandaging that needs to stay dry for a few days or so. I had both thumbs done, and I know that my mom has had a few fingers done.

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