26 Aug 2012

I've decided to use the Blog feature of "Living with CIDP" to keep an easy to update log of what is happening in my life with CIDP.

So, quick Backstory. First flare was in 1999. Neurologists argued for months. It's MS, it's not MS. Back and forth. They were wrong, but hey, everyone's human. Second flare was 2005. This time it was Neurologist vs Psychiatrist. Neuro said I was faking it, or had convergence syndrome. Psychiatrist said the Neuro was a barking idiot and that she felt I had a "as of yet undetermined" neurological condition. She was the closest of anyone. Latest flare started in 2011. My bosses felt I was malingering, but the Neurologist felt "somethings wrong, we just don't know what yet". After countless tests, bloodwork, EMGs, etc, they decided to determine "diagnosis by proof of treatment". In other words, they decided to give me IVIG treatment and see what happened. SUCCESS, more or less.

So, today I've been awake since sometime yesterday when I woke up. Unable to sleep last night. I was feeling pretty OK, pain about a 4, some muscle & joint stiffness. Started cleaning out my garage with my daughter's help. L foot started buzzing/tingling about an hour into it, and was completely numb by hour two. R foot had some burning buzzing pain, L hand & arm has been 'twitching' and has had radiating numbness. Blood Sugar was high after breakfast (235) and was 'lower' after lunch (170). I'm at IVIG+12d, which is usually my strong days. In the past, I don't show signs of backsliding until about IVIG+24d.