3and more relapse and remission?

iask about any one had 3relapse or more(each one with complete paralysis from neck down with complete or partial recovery and back to his work?? because this is my 3rd relapse during 16 years plz read my profile

So sorry about your relapses.My initial, and only attack came in early 2012. I spent the 2nd half of that year paralyzed from the neck down, losing most of my muscle due to atrophy. Diagnosis finally came in September, followed immediately by 7 plasma phereses and ongoing steroids combined with cellcept. The Pheresis stopped the progression of the damage. So far, I have had no official relapse, possibly because of the ongoing daily doses of steroids(20mg), and cellcept(2000 mg).
What effect did you have from the stem cell transplant? In the US, that therapy is available only in medical trials, and admission is very restrictive and expensive. Anecdotal reports have been very favorable.
Do you take steroids daily to restrain the immune response?