7 months in and going to the Neuro today, suggestions welcomed!

My husband is 7 months in, he is doing well for the most part, but Keeps 'relapsing'. He started doing better and the tingling and numbness gets to the tips of his fingers and his feet, then it starts to come back again and move up his hands into his arms and up his legs. He did his 5th round of plasma exchange at the end of Nov. He was doing so well walking with a walker and cane, some difficulty, but doing it. Now he can only move his hands a little and his feet are totally asleep to his ankle.

We are going to talk to his Neuro today to see if he should do another round of plasma exchange or try IVIG again. He did it in the beginning and it didn't work for him.

Has anyone had anything like this happen? Any suggestion or thoughts are very much welcomed. Thank you :)

Good luck today! Stay positive and focused so that you don't miss something you wanted to ask. I hope they are helpful!

Thank you. The neurologist is starting him on IVIG today, so we will see if it works, if not then on the Plasma exchange Again. I love him so much I hate seeing him like this, we really thought that this was it and he was on his way to recovery.

I hope that the IVIG works for him this time. Just keep trying. I had a big re-flare of symptoms about 7 months after my first trouble. The whole time I would get better, then get worse, over and over until I finally started getting better and better. Then the re-flare hit me and it was another set back but not as bad as the first time still. But I think it bothers you just as bad because you think you are done with it. It's been 19 months for me and I'm doing great now. I never gave up but I definitely got frustrated. My family was supportive and that was so helpful! I know your support will make big difference. Hang in there!