A challenge for your feet

Hi everybody,

Today while going on my weekly walk with my physio I was telling her that all of us here have very sensitive feet and we all have very funny feeling feet. A few minutes later she came up with the following idea.

While I’m watching TV or just sitting I could try brushing them very gently with a floor brush or something similar. She said that it might stimulate the nerves in the feet. I said that I thought it would be fun to throw this out to you. If we could do it everyday for say, a month we should know if it works.

When I was going through intensive rehab before I came home I had a little brush…the kind the medical people use for scrubbing up with before an operation, and was to use it on the palms and back of my hands. Although I still have some tingling in the tops of my fingers my hands are pretty well back to normal and I’ve been able to stitch for months after not having any control at all. I couldn’t even put my earrings in…shock horror!!!

I hope there are many of you who will join me in this challenge and let me know how badly your feet were affected and how it has helped (maybe)

For those of you that don’t know me, it’s been almost a year since I was diagnosed with severe Guillain Barré and today I’m doing all my normal things. I’ve progressed from bed, wheelchair, high walker, ordinary walker to walking unaided.

Now all I need to do is sort out how to get that brush to the bottom of my feet. I’m bendy but not that bendy. Any tips will be appreciated.

I had thought about doing this for my son to help stimulate the nerves in his feet. I thought maybe I could find a heavy-duty object such as a wooden or thick plastic chopping board that I could attach velcro to and velcro to the back of a flat brush, he could place it on the floor under his chair and push his foot back and forth over the brush. If you get any other tip, please let me know. He is still in rehab hospital but hopes to be discharged by the end of the month and I have been trying to get his house prepared for him.