A day of giving thanks

Today we Americans will be celebrating Thanksgivng, with family and friends. Besides all of the good things this day brings, it also brings added work and activities. Please take care to 'work a little, rest a lot"!

Since the 'black Friday' shopping has now moved into Thursday evening, just remember to let the people who move with greater speed and agility pass, on the roads and in the shopping aisles. A state policeman friend of mine once told me, " there are no warnings on holidays".

Please feel at home to share your holiday happiness, or tips for staying safe and sane!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I just wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of you such wonderful and caring people.....My situation here is still undiagnosed and I'll post at some point here about my recent experience with "ACCUPUNCTURE!".....I have some appointments coming up at Major University Med Centers, and I should get some answers, or I better after all of this time....So, so frustrating!!!!.....Take care all!!!!....Happy holidays----Chuck

l am getting through. The holidays are so very stressful with family members who do not want to participate in being a family.

l will be seeing some family l have not seen in a very long time tomorrow. l had a great visit with a friend and her family yesterday. Speaking of tomorrow though, l do not even know what time we are to meet yet!!! Get with the program people. l guess l will arrive when l dang well please to do so.