A good day is

being able to get enough sleep,

having enough energy to accomplish a few things that need to be done,

standing upright,

being able to laugh at myself, no matter what!

What about you?

You pretty much said what I would of said SK.

Being able to get up out of bed and do simple tasks; even just to feel like making coffee, fixing breakfast and reading to my granddaughter!

Sounds like a good day to me, CM!

A REALLY good day is riding the motorcycle (Honda 11 Shadow) with my hubby to see a good friend and sing a while, to her playing the guitar!

Those are nice bikes, so smooth and QUIET! I have long ago passed the age where the loud engines and exhaust have any appeal to me, I'm all about quiet comfort, though I only ride in cars these days, and not very often!

Glad you can still ride, and good to know you still like to sing! It's good for the soul! My little grandson starts preschool in a matter of days, and I look forward to him teaching me some songs I can sing with him!