A recovery story from Turkey

Hello there ,

I am from Turkey, the country where the people never heard about GBS before because it happens to 1 person in 1 million only in this region. I was diagnosed in November in 2013 and stayed in hospital for 2,5 months. After 3 weeks I started staying in hospital, I lost my breath and started living with ventilator in intensive care unit for 24 days. It was the most horrible period during my illness however I had never had any pain, muscle twitches etc. I had physiotherapy for 2,5 months during the hospital and got 90 bottles of IVIG within 45 days !! It should be only 30 bottles regarding my weight however doctors didn’t know what to do because I was going worst everyday so they had to try every option.I also had cortisone besides IVIG may be this was the reason I didn’t have so much pain. The only pain I will forget is diaphragm pain while I was loosing my breath which took 12 hours!! I still feel sorry for myself when I remember these 12 hours!!
When I left ICU I could only close-open my eyes, nothing more !! But I was really lucky, because 3 days later I started using my left hand, after 1 week I was able to eat sth with my hands.And 2 weeks later I started walking !! Of course with the help of someone however it was a miracle!! Everyday I woke up, I had new improvements let’s say new miracles :slight_smile: At the end I got back work at the beginning of April which means 4,5 months since diagnosed !! The only difficult thing was climbing the stairs however I handled it fully after 3 weeks I started working. I was fully recovered at that time which means 5 months for full recovering.
I still believe that the over dose IVIG and cortisone made me fully and very soon recovered because I searched everywhere and have never seen this kind of recovery story. Now I am the model for GBS in Turkey in order to make people more positive.
I only recommend you please kind do exercises every day during recovery period because I did too many exercises everyday and lived my daily life without scaring of anything.

Good luck all of you

What an uplifting story glad to hear u are doing good. I am walking with a walker but had nothing like u.keep up the good work

Wow, that is an amazing story of your recovery. My husband was diagnosed in June 2014. The month of Sept he had weekly IGIV treatments, and has had much improvement in this time frame.

What an amazing story, thank you for sharing. You are so brave and such a valiant fighter against GBS, wishing you good health and a complete recovery in the months ahead. Bless you.

Such a speedy recovery. I may have been the plasma my daughter had 5 IV units here in the USA it cost 15,000 per IV I don’t think the insurance would not cover all that you received
great to hear how well you are doing

Nice to hear about your recovery, Selda. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

Do we have away to get to get this out. To the proper people. So upset my daughter is 75 percent but from March and doctors said upto 18 upto 18 months more

How fabulous to read your story. It gives everyone affected by GBS a belief that you can recover. It was great to read. Best wishes for the future .