Abdominal bloating?

We’re on day 2 of 5 on the IVIG treatment. Today, I saw my dad stand for the first time since coming to the hospital. He still can’t walk, but he defiantly stood for about 90 seconds! Man, was I proud…

I’ve noticed some abdominal bloating, considerable bloating to be honest. Also, he has commented on some vision loss in one eye… Has anyone experienced either symptom? My dad turns 65 in June. I’ve seen this man beat stage 4 colon cancer, have and reverse a colostomy, post operation, however seeing him unable to write his name, lose virtually all dexterity and become completely reliant on others has been the toughest thing I’ve witnessed thus far…

I’m doing my best to support both my mother and father throughout this journey. Any and all advice is both welcomed and appreciated. I pray for all of us touched by this awful syndrome and offer anything I have or can do to repay your kindness.

Thank you, and God Bless,



After my 3 days IVIG and being released from the hospital one of my other doc’s said I looked like I was blown up like a balloon. It took a few weeks bloating to go away. Stay strong