About myelin sheet

Hi every one......

I would like to ask about when the myelin sheet forms myelination (regenarates) we will get neuro pain ?

my father useing trigabatin medicine for neuro pain

whats the best medicine for neuro pain...

Hi Sunjay,

Demyelination, or the dissipation of the myelin sheath insulating the nerves is the hallmark of GBS. Regeneration of the myelin is a very slow process and takes months. Through the (acute) early phase of the illness we become very weak (paralyzed) and our bodies begin to atrophy rather quickly. This tremendous loss of strength greatly reduces our pain threshold to the touch. Simple gravity weighing on our limbs....hurts like heck from within! The muscle strength returning as the myelin regenerates will be the most helpful way your Father's body will overcome the pain. The most gradual movements such as range in motion, stretching, rolling on the floor, sitting up in a chair, as often as he can comfortably manage.... will work wonders reducing the pain. However, over strenuous exercise is never recommended and can do more harm to the neuro healing process than good....

Following IVig treatments and PT I found the strengthening process to be a delicate balance of exercise and rest. Too much exercise heightened pain and discomfort.A catch 22, as I wanted to get to full recovery as quickly as possible. Although I have neuropathy in both feet, I experienced more damage in my right foot, up the leg calf muscles, the thigh and hamstring, and more prominent damage in my hip. I have gained strength and am walking, but with great discomfort in the hip. Exercise riles the nerves and creates almost a numbness across the whole region. I am trying to add time to my walking regimen each day but it is a challenge. Sleeping is a challenge, as whole leg is sensitive to slightest touch, even blankets, and constant flopping from one side to other. Early morning brings a sensational need to full body morning stretch, very painfully and brings about almost a complete leg cramp, foot , or pulled hamstring feeling. My leg muscles have a constant feeling of taughtness. I understand these feelings are supposed to be signs of the long slow healing process. Not quick enough for my way of thinking but I am committed to kickin this thing. A friend tells me Acupuncture would relieve the pain. Anyone have any experience with that?

Is your question about more pain as the sheath regenerates? If so, I have the same question. My wife believes that my enhanced pain is due to the healing of the sheath. I just don’t know, but am wondering if someone has the answer.

sames as gabapentin,neurontin,all equal and seem to be the drug of choice by neuroligists.for me with severe muscle pain in hips a.d legto foot,600mg ,4x /day.doesnt take away pain but takes edge off .my body knows when the 6 hours are up