Has anyone worked with an acupuncturist on nerve recovery?

I am new to GBS I got mine sept 5th, from what I am reading here it was a mild case as I was able to go home from the hospital after 4 days. I have had acupuncture twice a week since. I do not have anything to compare it to but I think it has helped me.

thanks for the feedback I am starting this week. best of luck on your recovery. did you have any paralysis?

I did have paralysis on the right side of my face and could not close my eyes all the way, eat solid food or talk too well when I left the hospital. I can eat some solid foods and people can understand me when I talk, my mouth and tongue are about 50% and everything else is about 65% of what they were.

just an update....8 acupuncture treatments energy level noticeably elevated and more movement in bad arm is it physical or mental, I don't know and don't care whatever works for the individual

I’m thinking of trying acupuncture after discharge from hospital, I cant put weight on both my legs, numbness n can’t feel on my entire leg. I’m able to stand when I lock my knees but when I try to bend even just a little bit my legs I will fell so hoping acupuncture helps

Good luck,dwmwoof! It should be hepful. I did one session with my daughter and was really impressed. I have a great Acupuncturist in Surfside, FL. Unfortunately, it is a bit far for us to go often. My daughter has gotten a lot better overtime, so we are not actively seeking treatment - just continuing with the physical therapy.