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Tim Phillips

As many of you know, Tim started an awareness/fundraising project for the CMTA a little over a year ago:
CMT creates: music -

Very simply, the project is asking people to sponsor the creation of new experimental musical instruments. Then alongside the web documentation of the unusual process of making these instruments, posting texts written by a whole range of people affected by CMT explaining an issue that is important to them ( The project aspires to engage people that have no connection with the disease through the curious nature of the work; to teach them the names CMT & Charcot Marie Tooth, the basic symptoms and how it affects people.

The making phase of the project has been a huge success and incredibly rewarding. It is pretty much complete and I now want to move on to sharing the new instruments and CMT writings through performances and perhaps an exhibition of some sort. Instrument 3

Tim has some ideas of how this could work, but would love to get more heads thinking about how to use this work that we have put together.

Here are two ideas that are already planned, but I need more(!):

1. SubZERO festival performance, San jose, CA.

- I’m starting very simply by presenting two of the instruments at a local arts based street festival and will give out postcards about the project & CMT.

2. Hákarl (36 hours of Communion) at the SUPERNORMAL Festival, UK.

- This one is more abstract and involves a new collaboration, which is always beneficial as it is more likely to start an entirely different thread of interest to the project, but it does also involve a lot generosity! A good friend of mine, Kev Nickells, is an incredible improviser in England, UK, who makes all kinds of experimental music. He is going to perform as part of a 36 hour improvisation performance called Hákarl at the SUPERNORMAL festival (Yup, it's a 36 hour long piece!). Using his performance as an impetus, and its duration as a connection to the audience, he has offered to collect donations for ‘CMT creates: music’ and share the project information throughout.

Please give it some thought and add any ideas you have, or comment on others.
Thank you, Tim.