Does anyone else wear AFO’s? If so what kind and for how long each day etc?
Ive just had some AFO’s made but I’m reluctant to wear them as I’m worried I will lose any muscle strength I currently still have left. The physios are basically telling me I have no choice but to wear them so I want to hear from other CMTers about what their experiences are with AFO’s before I take on the opinion of people who don’t actually have to live with CMT and wearing leg braces everyday.

I wear hard plastic hinged AFO's to support my ankle from turning out and for drop foot. I don't wear them all the time, just when I know I'll be doing a lot of walking or standing, and when I exercise at the gym - leg presses and treadmill. I haven't noticed any loss of muscle strength from wearing them.

If they're not comfortable bring them back and have them adjusted.