Allergies-anyone else?

Hi! I’m diagnosed with chronic GBS (not actually CIDP but I’ve had 9 relapses so pre ty much) and I recently became curious about allergies in relation to GBS. I was wondering, since GBS is an autoimmune condition, and allergies are an immune problem, that maybe people with allergies are a little more susceptible to the condition? I have asthma, and am allergic to all animals with fur. Do any of you have allergies too? I’m probably totally wrong… but was just curious. Thankss

Hi Rosina,

Wow you certainly have got me thinking! I was diagnosed with GBS two years ago and am pretty much back to normal now except for periods old runny eyes and blowing my nose. I might add that these “periods” are longer than dry periods. I think you’ve just given me the why answer. It might be more difficult to find out to what I’m allergic.:unamused:

I have allergies too but no asthma.

Hi Xstitcher,

It’s good too hear that you are back to normal! Hope for us all :slight_smile: It’s interesting to hear about your allergies. I just wanted to suggest, if you want to find out what you are allergic to, you can simply go to your local doctor and ask to do an allergy test. They give you tiny painless pricks with various allergens, and then see which ones your skin reacts to. Then maybe you’ll be able to find what you’re allergic to and finally get rid of those annoying symptoms?

I was diagnosed with CIDP in 2014.
I have been having IVIG (Octogam, Kiovig now it’s Privigen) every four weeks since that time.
The allergy that causes significant discomfort is small red spots that appear on my body. These are incredibly itchy! I use a steroid topical cream and have tried prednisone and premeds of pherngan and hydrocortisone.
A wonderful ‘side effect’ of the IVIG is that I now longer get hayfever! Great!!

I’m sorry to hear about those annoying side effects… IVIG does some weird things! But it is fascinating how it got rid of your hayfever too! Perhaps there is a link between allergies and autoimmune diseases after all?