And so we begin (again)

Well tomorrow its back to the hospital for my 31st IVIG treatment in 10 yrs.

Just been getting ready with all the essentials for the expedition:

Tablet computer with E-reader so that I have some thing to read.......check

Credit on my cell phone so that I can ring my dad to come get me when its done......check

1 days spare clothes (just in case).....check

Alarm set so that I get up in time to get to the hospital on time....check

Sense of humour.........its around here somewhere

I receive 900ml a day over 5 days so that pretty much takes up my whole day but luckily this is my second time that I will receive the infusions in the day treatment unit and not be admitted as a patient.

It feels like no time at all since my last treatment even though it was 3 months ago, I felt quite good at the end of the last treatment but have had something of a crash in the last 2 weeks, I walk the same route everyday which serves as a benchmark for how I am feeling and I know from the number of stops I have to make and how I feel at the end just where my condition is. Its strange that sometimes you cant really tell how the CIDP is affecting you till you actually do something

got a review with the physiotherapist sometime this week to see how I am now that I have moved from walking with a cane to walking with a crutch, its been a lot better the crutch gives me more support.

My arms are my main concern at the moment a lot of numbness and loss of hand co-ordination at the moment but I am hoping to see some improvement after the treatment, I usually see results the following week although by Friday I may see some improvement I respond quite rapidly to the IViG and usually feel the benefits for 6-8 weeks afterwards but it varies.

I never expect too much from the treatments as the end results can vary wildly on a couple of occasions I have got no relief at all other times I'm like a new man (albeit for a short time) so I try not to get my hopes up and just take stock of the situation once the treatment is completed.

So its once more into the breach dear friends see you on the other side