Angry, fed up

Think my legs are forgetting how to work. Just back from taking harvey, my dog and it was SO hard to walk. Its easy walking isnt it, just put one foot in front of the other, right? Don't have to think about it do we.

But it was like they had forgoten, i was trying to do that, just walk, put one foot in front of the other but it was just so damn hard to do, i was going in slow motion.

Others have described it as _walking through moasses_ Every damn step was an effort.

Upper arms and shoulders are bitterly cold, as is the right chest and should blade, they are hurting because the are so cold, yet its 50F. They are scratchy cold, sickly cold. Hands are brittle , thats how they feel

And i have about had effing enough of it

Great advice from DazedandConfused...we all need someone to talk to, and yes,this place can help too.In fact, this might be the only place with a high probability of other people understanding what you mean by feeling cold when you're not. Strange,ain't it? your condition deteriorating? Or just stuck at that point? And are you on some kind of treatment plan?

Sorry Jeoff, didnt get a notify for your comment. odd as i obviousally am foloowing this post and every new one. oh well, glitches, dontcha just luv em.

i think it is what ya call progressing, but difficult to be specific, as i also have Buergers disease, which shuts of the blood supply to the feet, legs / hands,arms bit by bit and that kind of mimics some of the CIDP symptoms as well. That is also an immune related condition. Add to that the fact that I am also sort of just getting over shingles (which may or may not be on a return visit, yet to see, but 4 new spots as of last night), so kinda hard to decided what is causing which so to speak.

i see my neurologist again in 4 weeks, at the moment i am on 30mg prednisolone a day, thats the only specific drug, but i am also on amitriptyline for the buergers. i believe that i will go onto gabepentine next month, but not certain there.

Mdolich, yeah isnt it. my feet freeze, the upper outside arms reeze, as does the band across both shoulder blades. Worn through 2 pairs of boots, a very thick rug that was under my chair and the top layer of the tiles in my kitchen with the constant squirming of my toes, trying to keep them a bit warmer (and that was wearing 2 pairs of heat hugger socks as well, lol!). Guess the buergers and the CIDP sorta made a good job of that. Thank gawd that i dont live anywhere it is really cold! where i am in the UK, they tend to panic when it gets below freezing.

i was having an off time, a bad day, whatever ya wanna call it, i wasnt in the best of moods.

i try my best not to swear, having been involved in teen care in one frm or another for 35 years plus, i try my best to show by example, but i have been known to utter the odd naughty word shall i say? :)

I know what you're going through, both my neuro and my therapist wanted me to get a walker, but I said there's no flippin' way, I'll stick with my cane, thank you very much. Just remember it comes and goes, but talk with your neuro asap. Gary