Another rare disease

What luck I have!

Essential thrombocythemia

Increased blood platelets... a blood cancer, a form of leukemia. And just when I get manageable control of CIDP. Although it may be a reactive result of inflammation, but not necessarily the inflammation from CIDP.

Anyone else have this?

Where is the rare disease jackpot payoff? Well the payoff is medical treatment and a longer life, but I want a money jackpot so I can buy a flying Winnebago and then tour the world with my wife and terrier, Bosco.

How did you find out, estaban? Blood clot or bleeding? I see that sometimes this condition needs no treatment if it is mild. I hope this is the case with you, as you certainly have enough to contend with. Wishing you the best!

I had a routine cancer x-ray and blood test panel for MGUS. The MGUS seemed to diminish to nothing. YEAH AND YAY!

The essential thrombocythemia shows up as elevated platelets, 820mg/DL in my case, and all because of a genetic transcription error.

Damn the clots I say! Off to the pool and 50 laps in the burning Hawaiian sun. I am so frustrated an depressed about these diseses that are hitting me in my 60s. My new resolution to this medical hammering is daily meditation, weights, isomeric exercises, gardening and swimming.

And of course taking my wife dancing at The Ritz in Kapalua, or long walks on the beach in the beams of a bright Hawaiian moon or a midnight swim in front of the Kei Lani Resort... well maybe not, hard to walk, and probably impossible to swim with a walker against tidal currents. But I may try...LOL!

I like your attitude, estaban. I hope you get to Kapalua with your wife, and have the time of your lives!