Hi guys,

Merry Christmas! Without getting into too much detail, I’ve been to many drs lately and was diagnosed with a connective tissue disease and POTS. They ran a blood test on me to make sure nothing else was going on, and I was a strong positive for the GD1A antibody, which is associated with Guillan Barre according to the report. It also came back with polyclonal gammapothy, which is apparently due to an inflammatory process or infection.

To be honest, I don’t think I had/have GBS unless it was a very mild case a few months back, when I felt a tiny bit of numbness in my neck and then legs at one point. I do experience tingling in my feet every morning that goes away once I start walking, but that has gone on for months. Other than that, all my other health issues are supposedly due to my connective tissue disease (some joint pain, fatigue, stomach issues, blood pooling, artery compression, etc).

So my question is - what does testing “strong positive” for this antibody mean? Does it mean I had GBS, or that I will most likely get it to a degree if an illness sets it off?

If you guys have any insight, id really appreciate it. Ive been thinking about this nonstop and of course it’s the holidays so my Drs aren’t in till Monday.

Thank you!!