Any collectors here?

Seems most people collect something, I like hand painted porcelain, books on ancient Egypt, old pharmacy bottles, pottery... What do you collect?

I ued to colleect, and build plastic, model cars, as a kid. then, when I got nto high school, I learned how to create, build, and collect balsa wood houses, As an adult, I now coolect porcelien dolphin figurines.


Confession time: I used to make and collect 12th-scale miniatures, SK. I also collected books and artworks on paper. And, at one time, I had a giant workshop of used pointe shoes that I would paint, decorate, and then donate to my kids' studio to sell in the gift shop.

Hi Jayme and dancermom,

Those tiny things that you built require tremendous dexterity and endless patience! I applaud you both on your creativity! I did embroidery for years, but was never terribly good at it, and finally just lost interest. Gave all of the floss to the grand kids and they braid bracelets with it!