Any tips for staying limber in winter?

I know we have some folks here in PT, some dance, is there anything in particular that you can recommend to help us all stay limber and more mobile?

Keeping up with the grand kids would be my favorite, as you are in perpetual motion when they are around, how about you?

Hello SK,

It is harder to stay limber in the winter when the temperatures drop and snow and ice brings us an added danger to falling. I have refused to go to the mailbox anymore until the conditions improve. But, there are some other ways of staying limber.I start each morning by stretching before I get out of bed. Also, after sitting a while I do stretches. Water Aerobics is another way of staying limber in the winter if you can find a gym with a pool that offers classes. Walking in a supermarket or an indoor shopping mall is also an idea especially because there are plenty of benches to sit and take a rest. Good luck, spring is just around the corner.

Hey jazzyjaid!

I bet you'd be a lot of fun walking or shopping around the mall with! I like to tease my friends here about doing downhill shopping cart races, or downhill skiing, but your ideas sound much better, much safer! If I ever by chance get to MN and get to actually meet up with Bralin's gramma, I'm showing up with a shopping cart!

Thanks so much for the tips!

Yes, spring is on the way, we are starting to see and hear the birds again, which is a good sign!