Anyone found that a special diet is helpful, like alkaline or anti-inflammatory?

PCM asked the question about alkaline diet, and then there's the anti-inflammatory diet, and the eat right for your blood type...

Has anyone found that a special diet makes a significant difference in their CMT symptoms?

I'm really interested in hearing this as well. I've been going on and off the paleo way of eating, and I've noticed I feel better when following that diet. Unfortunately I find it difficult to follow when I'm visiting family or going to eat at someone's house because I don't want to inconvenience them.

I've been looking at the autoimmune paleo diet, which excludes many things that I enjoy eating. But aside from CMT I have a lot of allergies and a mild hypothyroid so I'm thinking of trying it for a month to see if things improve.

I would love to hear about personal experiences!

I don't follow a specific diet but, I find if I don't each sugar/sweets...I have less pain.

Hi MymaJane,

Good to hear from you! Yes, that's a very popular one right now that I forgot to mention. Many are talking about that on the various Ben's Friends groups. It's similar to what I refer to as the 'weeds and seeds cuisine', but fresh caught meats and fish are also okay.

According to what I've read, it's eating like a caveman, no process foods!

It surely wouldn't hurt for me to cut back on the carbs, between the damaged joints I have and what I refer to as 'the Ben's Friends spread' (sitting at a computer for long periods daily), I could stand to knock some weight off!

I can certainly understand how difficult it is to accomodate this diet, I give you much credit for the effort.

Wishing you well,


That's a tough one to give up, braylin's gamma! Especially milk chocolate! ha!

Wasn't Hershey a caveman?

Me too! I would love to hear of anyone that has CMT and follows any kind of diet that helps...