Anyone now have lupus?

I’m wondering if anyone. Had been now diagnosed with lupus age having GBS? Can the two go hand in hand since our immune systems are compromised?

Have you been diagnosed with lupus, Christine?

No. I see my doc this week.

If you get a diagnosis, we have a lupus community that should be helpful. It is much larger than this community. You could post a discussion there about gbs and lupus, to see if anyone else has that pairing,

Thank you.

Hi Christine and Dancermom. I do not know the answer, but it makes sense to me that they might be related because doctors have have found a connection between GBS and other immunity disorders, like Epstein-Barr.

I had epstein-Barr a month before my GBS hit. Crazy.

Christine, how are you? Did you wind up getting a diagnosis?