Anyone play instruments?

I’d like to try to use music as an outlet for my depression and I was wondering if anyone has found an instrument thats easy on the hands. I’d love to play acoustic guitar but its just too difficult to push the strings down. any suggestions?

The electronic keyboards are getting more and more affordable. It may be something to consider and check out.


In my teen years and older adolescence I marched in band and played clarinet; Had to memorize music to march so I could watch my feet instead of the music. LOL I got experience at least learning to read music scores.

I've tried lots of instruments and have played as long as could but have finally given the ones I used to do a rest;Using my knowledge of reading music, taught myself piano but wasn't ever very good b/c hands were too far gone but I do recommend music to lift your spirits and the spirits of others; I've gone to sing (using backup music from Karaoke music CD's) for school groups, nursing homes and adult day care centers for those with dementia etc. It does wonders as music moves people in a way nothing else can!

Did some piano early on but have no strength or control, I tried violin and actually got a 3/4 so I would not have spasms I arms and shoulders for the reach it took. Gave that one a rest pretty quickly; then i tried mandolin but again like you say not enough strength to push strings down to form chords.Best one I found that still could do , is the dulcimer. I don't play much on it any more as I said if I play too long I get bad spasms and knots in neck, shoulders and hands and arms.So, my instrument of choice now is voice and thankfully its been good for my respiratory weakness and asthma. I go sing at local jams on Friday and Saturday nights at various groups around our community. In order to join into the music I sing but I've picked up wooden spoons and a tambourine to participate without the stress and play as long as I'm feeling good, but when it starts bothering my hands I lay them down and rest and then do more after a break. My hands begin shaking and my grip gets floppy so have to play on limited basis but at least no expects me to keep it up every song. I am going to try harmonica as well and have a friend who gave me an easy guide to pick it up ; again cn play a little piece along in the song break and then rest.

Just start out and try a few and see where you are in your level of ability and then find your niche. Try buying used or find someone who has an instrument not being played they might loan for a while til you see if you can continue before investing.

Happy music, rhythm , all levels. . . there is a cool sight called and make friends all over the world and you can record and do duets with others all over the globe! I think the membership is about $10 a year and if you love to try to sing or even might be great at t it would be social as well as fill the anti-depression mode.

Good Luck and keep us posted how things are going


I play (played) piano

here is my YouTube channel

You play beautifully, HM!