Anyone taking Adderall and Medicine Question

My physician started me on Adderall 20mg today to help fight the fatigue and depression that I suffer with daily. I also take Zolft100mg and morphine 120mg daily. Also I take Namenda and Topamax daily. I was hesitate to start the adderall but then I thought it cant make me feel more tired.....I was just wondering if anyone else is on a similar meds? I feel like I am taking some heavy hitting drugs and ones that I am very dependent on.

I have several other medical issues besides CIDP- so I do take some similar meds.
I take cymbalta, vyvance, metaprolol, metaformin, reclipsen, sprionolactone, and pain meds for CIDP.
Along with vitamins.
I’m 20.
Hope this info helps you! Brand new to the group!