Anyone tried Tamiflu

Flu season is here. Since I no longer can get flu shots, I was wondering if Tamiflu is safe to use? Anyone tried it before? My son is a pharmacist and he said Tamiflu is not an immunization like the flu shot. It’s used to shorten and just lessen the effects of the flu.

I’ve never used it but with an immunity illness I just stay away people as much as I can. I’m starting to carry n95 masks with me.

I concur about staying away from people, especially during flu season. I wear a mask when flying and have my wife wipe down the seat with antibacterial wipes before I sit down. I carry hand snaitaizer with me everywhere I go. I ask if anyone is sick before I attend a gathering of friends. Start fist pumping instead of shaking hands. I have had two relapses and worried what a virus would do to me. But you can only do so much.

When I am around someone who has a cold etc I take oregano essential oil. It does the same thing as oregano oil.
I by the capsules online, it shortens the duration of a cold.

Hi, Spencer

A couple of months ago, had a critical set back and it was thought to have been brought on by the flu. Like you, I had not had a flu shot. Dr gave me Tamiflu and in 72 hrs I was 'over the ‘flu’ !!
However, I have not been advised by any of my Dr’s … from Primary to Neurologist NOT to get the flu vaccine. Quite the opposite. I have been encouraged to have the flu vaccine which I did w/ zero adverse effects.

I have had cidp for 6 years,and have seen a lot of doctors.none have told me not to have a flu shot .also quite the opposite i get a flu shot every year with no problems