Anyone using Privigen?

Have any of you switched from Gammunex to Privigen? My neuro thinks my body has “gotten use to” Gammunex and is no longer responding to it as well as formerly. First he changed my dose and my schedule, and if that doesn’t help he will switch me to Privigen. I’d like to know if that has helped anyone here.

I;vê been using Privigen for 6 years. I have severe reaction to any of the others. I do much better on my regimen of every 3 weeks for two days, very slow drip.

I used privigen for 1 year and it got me to remission . But, I was misdiagnosed for 2 years and a year of not treating before that, so There was much damage before remission. I don’t feel any better, a little worse actually. Tom

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t had a bad reaction to Gammunex, but I am getting weaker and my balance is worse now than before I started treatment.

Sandra Parshall
Author of The Rachel Goddard Mysteries

Privigen is specifically approved for CIDP. It is IVIG.

Yes, I know. I’m about to be switched from Gamunex to Privigen and wonder what side effects Privigen has. My imfusion nurse has noticed that more people have headaches while they’re being infused with Privigen and has told me I must always take Tylenol extra strength beforehand.

Hi SsandraP. I’ve been on Octogam, Koivig and now Privigen for many years now. I have not had any issues with it. I have an infusion every four weeks and it appears to be keeping CIDP at bay.