Are you familiar with the 'People First Language'? What are your thoughts on this, it's seems to be controversial?

Never heard of this. I know that I am tired of my medical records saying I am a morbidly obese female with blah, blah, blah blah issues. I know they have to state my health conditions but do they have to refer to me as "morbid"? I have weight to lose yes but being put down all my life I get a little tired of these "titles". Kinda makes it hard for one to try to see themselves in a positive light. It's hard for me anyway, can't speak for anyone else.

Hi Braylin's gramma,

I understand, how obnoxious a title is this? I would say the percentage of patients with a life long mobility problem who are thin, much less normal size by medical standards are few to none. This term makes it sound as though you are beyond being able to be weighed! I have a feeling that one of these days, one of them is going to get told off!

Honestly, I try to be aware of the proper terminology, as I do not wish to offend, but really, unless you spend a great deal of time looking for this, you really don't even know about it. Then come to find out, many people who actually have the worst disabilities don't embrace this as they don't approve.

It is so hard it seems to know what to say anymore for fear of offending someoneā€¦ Such is life