Ascorbyl palmitate

My exwife was diagnosed with mild CMT about 7 years ago. After some research I put her on ascorbyl palmitate. It is a fat soluble vitamin C. As long as she takes it she has no symptoms from the CMT and has not had any progression at all. She only takes 500 mg/day.

Research shows that the ascorbyl palmitate does enter the body and cells intact. It is able to enter the schwann cells where regular vitamin C can’t. I imagine that it would work for any demylinating disease: MS, diabetic neuropathy, or other neurological diseases.

I have hand tremor from an immunosuppressent that is neurotoxic. Ascorbyl palmitate eliminates the tremor.

It’s worth trying. If it works for other CMT patients then it would end the search for a cure or other treatments. It’s fairly cheap. My ex bought it in bulk and put it in capsules herself. Now, I do the same.

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This sounds too good to be true.

Yes it does. But it is not worth debating. Ascorbyl palmitate is cheap and readily available. You try it and it works or doesn’t or has some efficacy in between. There is no risk.

When you have some experience with it you share that with others so they have an idea of its value. Pretty simple dynamics.

I’m intensely curious about most everything. Human nature is no exception. So how many people will read my ex’s results and never try it? It sounds to easy and so can’t be true. I’d agree if someone was selling me something at a high cost. But this is less than the cost of a meal with no expectations on my part for any renumeration.

To address your reaction properly you need to understand medicine and its beliefs. No one makes money off discovering a nutrient cures anything. I can’t make any money off of it. Phamaceuticals can’t either. If fact they don’t want supplements to work because it cuts into their profits.

Nutrition is beyond physicians training and beliefs. They are as likely to use supplements as they are faith healing. It is just not part of their training or belief system. Thus you can have some amazing treatments that go unnoticed because no one is looking.

The theoretical support for ascorbyl palmitate was done a long time ago. Remember the study on mice that showed high doses of vitamin C treated their CMT? If the researchers would have been familiar with the supplement industry they would have immediately used ascorbyl palmitate on human trials. The schwann cells are fatty and it takes a fat soluble substance to get inside. I just did the obvious when I put my girl friend on ascorbyl palmitate.

I totally agree that there is nothing to debate here, but there is definitely a big reason to say thank you!

Your post lead me to do a bit of research and I found much positive information on the benefits of vitamin C. Most of what I read supports the benefit of taking “C” in any form and some research supports taking Ascorbyl Palmitate in particular. Also, there is a patent application that supports the animal research you reference and also reports on human clinical trials that showed very good results.

So, even though it seems from the research that any vitamin C regimen can be very helpful, your experience leads me to believe that there is no harm and in fact a big upside in taking Ascorbyl palmitate. And, as you point out it “is cheap and readily available … there is no risk”.

At this point I’m searching for a good source: I found a bulk supplier and agree with you that making your own capsules is most efficient. Also, using bulk material gives me a sense of security in that the only thing in the capsule is the nutrient I want to take. According to the research it takes at least a month for the benefits to kick in (very good to know).

So, I am on board and will share the results with all. I will add to the “pretty simple dynamics” you mention and hope that others will benefit. Thank you again. I am sincerely grateful to you for sharing your ex wife’s experience and the information in general.

Link to patent info and some research:

Thanks for writing. I hope ascorbyl palmitate does help you. I had looked for some research on it and found that it does indeed get absorbed intact and does enter neural tissue. However I didn’t find a lot of specific research in humans.

I did find lots of patents on compounds that contain ascorbyl palmitate. I’ve been sick for 30 years and have looked at a lot of research. I find it odd that ascorbyl palmitate is found in so many compounds for neuropathy yet there isn’t a lot of research to support it. These things generally follow a pattern of increasing research before products show up.

Maybe its just my deep distrust of medicine and big business in the US but it seems they know something that isn’t being reported. You can’t patent a single supplement and make any money off of it. Is no one pushing it because they are trying to incorporate it into a patent able product?

That’s a bit of a paranoid thought but given our nations obsession with money and greed, particularly big pharma, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I hope this works for people. I’ve had a multitude of conditions and found a lot of solutions that medicine says don’t exist. Spreading the word on treatments that work gives meaning to what I’ve been through.

Oh. My ex had a mild case of CMT and she started the ascorbyl palmitate (AP) early before any progression started. Under these conditions, her pain would stop within half an hour of taking AP. So I don’t know what it will do for others with accrued damage and different forms and severity of CMT

Is this like Ester C? I’ve been taking it for months for my immune system. It hasn’t helped my neuropathy pain, but I have not gotten sick! I’d love to try what your talking about to see if it helps. Thanks for sharing!

No. Ester C is a buffered vitamin C which normally is acidic. Ascorbyl palmitate (AP) is a molecule of vitamin C bonded with palmitate, a fat. The fat part of the new molecule carries the vitamin C into neural tissue.

The bag I recently got was from Amazon. I got Bulk Supplement Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Ester). Here’s the link:

You can get them in capsules from other manufacturers. I prefer to get in bulk because it is cheaper and it doesn’t have any additives.

My ex had a mild form of CMT and she started this early before there was any damage. If she took 500 mg the pain would stop within a half hour. I don’t know what it will do with different forms of CMT at different stages. Her CMT never did progress. As long as she took the AP it wasn’t a problem.

Let me know how it works. If it does but there is “permanent” damage it still might be able to heal. Others with neurological damage from MS so bad they couldn’t get out of a wheel chair have returned to normal. The body is a lot more resilient than medicine believes. You do have to give it the ideal nutrition (through food). Since medicine only uses drugs and people eat like crap, it never sees this kind of recovery.