Autonomic nervous system dysfunction symptoms, can anyone relate to this besides me?

Yes, having just read the article I can relate to it.

I found this when I was digging for info for the Sjogren's Group and it set off bells! It explains my profuse sweating, my feet are NEVER dry even when barefoot, so it's not socks or shoes. I perspire more when cold than hot! My under arms or palms are never dry either! I hate it! Doctors always told me I was just good and healthy, that's right up there with growing pains, you know, TC?
It was one of the things that made my DC think I had RSD.
The autonomic dysfunction clicks many more boxes, I think!

Yes,I can relate to this. I have had excessive sweating all of my life. I sweat when it is hot or cold. I have told doctors and they say that it is meds. At times this is embarrassing . I sweat especially on my face and head. I have been plagued by digestive problems,too. I always feel full or bloated. I have bouts of diarrhea and incontinence. Very problematic. I guess I have just accepted all of this,because my doctors don’t seem to be alarmed. I guess I can put a name to it now.

I can certainly relate to the sweating part. Talked to my doctor some time ago and he confirmed autonomic neuropathy. Very embarrassing.

I become very hot when I am in a lot of pain. Also, when I am anxious. Because of my balance problem I tend to be very anxious when I am out of the house. Oh what a relief sometimes to come back home!

PCM, I read your post and I thought I had written it! I have that anxiety about leaving the house,too and that is when the sweating begins.

Yes, this is not like normal anxiety, which can be overcome. I feel like I am going to fall unless I am holding on. I can only use my right arm so even more difficult while carrying something. I don't know what the answer is apart from just deal with it. I have to make myself go out otherwise I would become a hermit. I'm already a part-time one. :-)

I googled treatment options for this and here are some links. From what I understand about the profuse sweating, they are now using Botox injections into the arm pits for this, it is to be done about every 6 months! Oddly enough I found out about this watching a show on HGTV! I may have opted for this in my younger years, but not now!

Here are the treatment links for ANSD

Yes, the profuse sweating was/is humiliating, especially as a young woman dressing for a special event in beautiful clothes drenched in sweat! The Doctors always told me that I was just good and healthy, I never shared this view!

These systems seem to run through all of the BF groups, even fibromyalgia!

Here's another good link

PCM, I am a hermit,too. Having my ShihTzu Bella has helped me to go out more. She is also good for me,as she does help me to walk better. I have PTSD from an extremely abusive relationship. My CMT got worse after that ordeal. When I take Bella with me,I am better. I got her listed as a service dog. She eases my handicap in many ways.

Dogs are great companions. I lost my two dogs within a month of each other shortly after I had an accident which 'triggered' off my CMT. It was an awful time for me. I also lost my partner 6 months later. Just horrible........... That was 2002/03. Would love to get a dog again (or maybe two) but know I am not able to look after one. They are good company and faithful friends, I just love them.

Having Bella has changed my world! ShihTzu are couch potatoes . They need minimal exercise and were bred to be purely companion dogs. As far as grooming,if you keep their hair short,they are effortless. They are one of the oldest breeds and have one of the loveliest temperaments I have ever seen. Bella is trained to use indoor pads and go out,so during my surgeries I can feel confident keeping her in. I wish I could post a picture of her!

She sounds just perfect. I had a long haired miniature dachshund called Coco and a miniature Yorkshire Terrier named Elle. They were great friends - a boy dog and a girl dog. I still miss them.

We never forget them! They will be waiting for us at the rainbow bridge in Heaven. Bella is like my third child. I wish I could share a picture of her.i think I figured it out.
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Ah what a pretty little doggie!

She is my world!

Hey girlfriend, I've always said if there's anything to this reincarnation thing, I want to come back as someone's pampered house pet! This is what I'm talking about!

I love her! She is so beautiful. How old is she?