I have had hand pain for over two years. My Dr. changed my medication to azathioprine and now after over two years I am almost pain free.So if there is anyone out there in pain, CHANGE YOUR MEDICATION!!! What works for one person won’t work for someone else.

So, Azathioprine (Imuran) worked well for you? I'm sure that Mikemc would be happy to hear that news. Why not drop a comment on his thread too?

It's always great to hear positive news.


True, concerning the efficacy of a drug. I've taken a Azathioprine for two years plus, stopped it three months ago and then slowly discovered it was really doing nothing for me in terms of pain relief. Pain is sensory nerve related, CIDP is a motor nerve syndrome. However, I did notice a bump up in motor response when I started it and a slight decrease in motor nerve function upon stopping it. Also, my Medicare refused to cover it. My next adventure is Cellcept; I know CIDP is a progressive syndrome.

As I stated on this site two years ago: exercise, specifically swimming laps every other day, if possible, provides me with 6-8 hours of sensory/motor nerve intervention , i.e., muscle relief. However, to achieve this I swim between 1.5 to 2 miles or 60 to 70 laps of 25 meters each. By doing this I believe my body supplies naturally occurring canabinoids and perhaps the bodies naturally occurring opoid type pain relievers. Also, at relapse my body is stronger and can offset the relapse MUCH better. If and when I fall, swimming muscles provide the strength to counteract the falls that always accompany this syndrome at some point in its progression

I do partake of indica strains of cannabis (with at least 10% THC) and I've found this to be, so far, the BEST pain reliever and muscle relaxer. I moved to Washington state specifically to enjoy this without the societal roadblocks.

TJ from mod support here

I'm surprised at the indica............ But great. Remember one thing about efficacy, its more than pain control. Progressive nerve damage of any kind is the result of progression and something ELSE going on. The pain could be the result of permanent damage, and progression well under control A combination of meds may well be the answer for many. The better docs will separate pain from the disease and work both ends to the middle. Sounds like you have that figured out Estaban....Management is full time job but should NOT dominate our lives. Soooo are you in Eastern or Western WA?

Hi Kim, This is really interesting, my son has just changed to Azathioprine, he started taking it at the beginning of March. How quickly do you think it took to start working? Helen

Azothioprine worked really well for me for a year and a half- then suddenly stopped. I am now starting I.V.I.G therapy. My neurologist said this can happen, it was a GLORIOUS year and a half tho. Never hurts to try it. As others and my neurologist sai, what works for one person, may not for another.

To hjhuggy - took months, over six, before I noticed a change.

OMG, :flushed: it’s so good to hear from you again. Were you not from Hawaii? Did you find the move and transition difficult; that is, getting new docs, getting them on the same track as you regarding meds that you know don’t work etc.?:confused:
Compare for me if you will your response to IVIg, azothioprine, cortisone, and anything else. I’m familiar with your exercise regime. I envy your ability to do that. Maybe I should bite the bullet and give it a try! :thinking: BobN

My doc recommended Imuran bid but the adverse effects scared me. I run a low white count (2000-3000) seemingly due to the autoimmune disorder and chronic suppression from drugs for my epilepsy. It also warns of seizures and “advanced age”. I’m 80 so I’m not so eager to fill the script. Also it takes about 6 months for a clinical result. All the while feeling like you have the flu.