Back pain prior to GBS

Did anyone have back pain prior to GBS? Did GBS make it worse? I had moderate SI joint and piraformis pain prior to a mild case of GBS last October. My pain management Dr performed a Radio Frequency Ablation (rhizotomy) on my lumbar nerves and promised me up to a year of being pain free!!! Two days later I was rear ended. And my back pain keeps getting worse. Physical Therapy and Ortho Spine believe I still have a weak core from GBS. I’m curious if anyone else has similar lower back problems.

Yes I remember having back pain couple days before coming down with GBS. I had a tender spot on my mid to lower back sort of like a sciatica pinch. I also had this weird sensation in my mouth where everything I drank felt cool like I just sucked on some Halls cough drops.

Sounds crazy but I had terrible pain in my little toe. My back pain came later as my symptoms moved up through my body. I ended up with severe burning in my spine which resulted in a weak core that was unable to support my body. It took a long time to strengthen my core and improve my endurance.