Balance while on walker

Hey guys,did any of you feel like your waist was always shaking when using a walker? I shake a bit and so I always have someone with me (stand by) when walking around the house. Am about to start the cane though seem difficult hahaa. Also how long did it take to graduate to cane? I feel at times I have taken long (7th month now). Can’t wait to stabilise soon & dress while standing coz of balance.I have physio daily. Also how was your driving again for those who do?
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Hi Susan.
I know what you mean about your waist feeling wobbly - don’t worry it’s all down to your core being really weak. It takes a while but as you get stronger this will improve I promise. It’s great that you’re receiving daily physio - without it I would still be in a wheelchair for sure! I started using a stick just around the house at first to get my confidence up. Just take care when you do go outside with it though - the streets aren’t always flat and I had several falls where my foot caught. Try not to worry about the time it’s taking to recover - it really is frustratingly slow but every little improvement is taking you further on. I didn’t start driving again until nearly 2 years after the onset of GBS. Up till then my lovely friends would run me around. It was such a milestone to be able to drive for myself again.
It’s been 7 years since I was ill and honestly if it wasn’t for my tracheostomy scar people wouldn’t know how bab I had been. I do wear special insoles in my boots during the winter because Indo have a lazy foot which can cause me problems occasionally but looking back to how I was - I’m happy.
Keep taking a day at a time and listen to your body! Fatigue is a nuisance but don’t be tempted to do too much - trust me it will back fire!
I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re getting along. If I can help you with anything or if you feel the need for a good old moan ( we all need that now and then :slight_smile: ) I’m here.
Sending you lots of love and patience!!! Lin xx

Thanks Lin,that really helps alot. Yes wobbly is the naname… It’s improving with time. I dint get to use a ventilator. I was ok except from hands going down.You are so right on the not so flat surfaces… haha. Will take care on that. Thanks so much.