Benevolent Insomnia

For anyone who loses sleep this is a fascinating article. It seems until the 19th century people often had two sleeps with quite a gap in between. Does anyone relate to this?

This is a GOOD read! I'm one who usually sleeps in segments, so it was nice to hear the benefits of it!

Thanks Oxytosin!

I have to tell you that I don't stress out about the broken sleep as much as I did before reading this article. Thanks again!

I'm glad the article helped. There is advice about not lying awake too long in the middle of the night trying to sleep, but getting up having a cup of tea etc and then going back to bed.

I sleep in the middle of the day. Sometimes I sleep two/three times in the day as well as eight hours at night. I wake about three times during the night, sometimes with the eyelids stuck to the eyeball. They're dry from glaucoma drops and I have to squeeze in lubrication at one corner.

I find the key thing is to dream. Dreams are like a kettle slowly boiling up. Once you've let off steam you're mind's more relaxed when you wake.

I seldom remember dreams anymore, and it may have something to do with the broken sleep, even the meds.

I kept a dream journal for years, in attempts to do 'lucid dreaming', but that never worked out! ha!