Best CIDP specialists in US?

I'm very recently diagnosed with CIDP. My bilateral leg weakness is deteriorating quickly, and now my hands are being affected. I went into hospital 2 weeks ago for plasmapherisis, but so far have seen no improvement. I'm getting a bit desperate. I live in Houston where medical facilities are very good, but I'm prepared to travel anywhere in the US for another opinion and other treatments. Does anyone know where are the top CIDP specialists and hospitals? And has anyone else seen little improvement from plasmapherisis?

Thanks for this information. I'd also identified the Mayo Clinic in Rochester as a key center.

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While we all have our "favorite doctor", I've seen the most agreement on The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota as the premiere resource for diagnostics and treatment of CIDP.

Hope this helps!

The GBS/CIDP Foundation has designated a number of medical facilities as "Centers of Excellence." Coincidentally, one of them is in Houston. See:

Is ivig ineffective too