Black seed oil

To all the people who are suffering from cidp i would like to share with you the black seed oil pills, i have tried it for almost two weeks now and it do help to reduce the coldness sensation so far, later on i have read a lot abot the oil and found out that it did help the ms patient
So i recommend everyone to take it

It's nice, fozi, that you've found something that seems to help you. But we cannot endorse treatments for which there is no scientifically verified evidence. Anyone considering any alternative remedies, should do so only after checking with their doctor. Better safe than sorry!

The correct place for this discussion is in the Complementary Therapies section. I'll move it for you.

We are trying back seed oil for around 1 month already. It did really help in skin rashes cause by immune suppression medicine ( my wife are taking prednisone and cellcept). My wife take it oral 500mg per day in capsule form and apply directly on her skin with the oil form. Around one month all the rashes disappear. For the balance issue the affection is not so clear.

My wife take krill oil and it really help with CIDP symptoms ( taking 500mg capsule twice per day). We can see significant improvement in just one month. However when we want to increase dosage she suffer from loose stool so we keep the dosage like before.

Actually krill oil must take with turmeric ( Gaia Herb turmeric or Life extention) to get the great result for CIDP