Blood pressure and IV/IG

I have been told by my neurologist that my GBS is returning so he ordered an IV/IG again but the only problem is they can’t get my blood pressure high enough to give it to me. Has anybody else encountered this and what did you do? Iit’s now on the second day that I should be on the IV/IG but yet nothing. My concern is the doctors around here no very little about GBS and I’m scared that it could just pop up all over night. I have not experienced loss of my legs yet again but they are tingly and numb, my hands and arms are a little shaking and I keep dropping things. Any advise anyone, please Help!!!

How low is your blood pressure and how high does it have to be?

88/64 was one of the readings (I think) and if I’m not mistaken in which I could be I think the lowest they would do it would be about 99/70. I may totally be mistaken about these numbers but I have read that GBS can bring down your blood pressure however I’m not sure why and in my previous history the first time I was pumped with so much fluid that I gained 40lbs within 3 days and then lost 50 lbs in two weeks on diaretics before they even discovered that I had GBS and was still unable to bring my blood pressure up, after that I really don’t remember.

I remember my blood pressure fluxurated but mostly spiked up and had bad headaches when it went really high. I don't remember if it was ever low other then when at the first ER hospital they thought I was having a heart attack and they gave me a nitro tablet and that just about killed me!
I am praying for you and the doctors.