Blurred vision

Has anyone experienced blurred vision at any time during this? I had blurred vision initially and now for the past few days with this relapse. I find I'm wearing my reading glasses constantly when just a few days ago I didn't even need them. Fortunately, this fixes my eyes so I can see but they don't feel right. I am having some peripheral nerve hyperexcitability though and am on a low dose of Gabapentin so that could be why. It makes me feel so tired when my eyes are affected and I want to sleep it off. Just wondered about other experiences with this.

I get blurred vision quite often in one eye, my eye with an implanted lense. Yes I get really tired when this happens and all I can do is to sleep it off.

How long does it last and what brings it on?

for me what brings this on is the amount of time I spend on the computer and bright light. I am in IT so I could spend every waking hour on a computer. Thankfully I can set my own hours most of the time so I can take naps.

Still struggling with the eye problems. The hot weather takes a toll and I'm trying to sleep it off. Sleep helps initially but then my eyes are blurry again. It really makes me feel off when I'm trying to do things. Reading glasses are helping get me through but it's tough. I'm no longer taking the Gabapentin and doing okay without it with the other symptoms. I'm trying to get a referral to a Neuro-opthalmologist. I'm 4 months into this relapse and just hit my year anniversary from this happening to me. I wish I could get past this. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

not blurred vision but very dry eyes. crazy eye dr. is watching it closely