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Ben's Friends Recommendation:

We're In This Together: Stories & Tips from Patients with Rare Diseases

This book is a compilation of patient tips and stories to help others patients and loved ones get through this difficult time in life. Ben’s Friends is a “little Internet miracle” and we plan on continuing for many more years.

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I was given a book by an RN that was assisting me in the hospital in 1985 when i came down with GBS. The name of the book is " Sifted Gold" by Yvonne Wilson. That book was a helpful aid during my recovery.

My parents gave me a copy of "No Laughing Matter" by Joseph Heller & Speed Vogel. He's the author of "Catch-22," and was diagnosed with GBS in the early 80's. It's a pretty interesting read because the perspective changes from chapter to chapter, one is written from Joseph's perspective and the next is written from Speed's perspective. And there's a lot I that I think only someone who has had this crazy disorder can relate to in one way or another. I'm not sure if there is an e-book version of this, I tried looking for one and could not find it. It's also interesting to see how this disorder was handled back then, if someone was diagnosed with it they just sort of let it run its course, there's no mention of treatments like IVIG or plasmapheresis or even steroids.