Boston support group

Sorry if I am repeating myself -- this is all new to me.

Looking for a support group in the Boston area for MFS/GBS -- desperate to help my friends.

AMA, have you phoned the hospitals? Boston is kind of a mecca for GBS, so it is quite possible that the hospitals have or know of a support group:

The Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is one of the leading Hospitals in the US in Neurology and GBS.

The neurology group at St. Elizabeth's hospital in Boston specializes in GBS. They are the national referral center for GBS.

The patient is actually at Mass General -- the family has been so caught up in daily oversight, especially with a one-month old infant, that they haven't had time to pursue support. I will inquire there -- thank you so much. And, I may check in here from time to time -- right now we are planning some fundraising for the couple -- they're going to need financial help for the long haul.

There is a no fundraising policy on the site, AMA. The site is for information and emotional support. I suggest a crowdfunding program like crowdtilt or gofundme.

Oops, sorry -- I wasn't asking to raise funds, more just saying that has been our focus -- is the site we are using. Getting to know the rules of this site --

No worries, AMA. It's great that you are helping your friend.